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Walking in the footsteps of Jesus since 2001


 Traveling to the Holy Land is a journey. Every day was my new favorite as I discovered Israel, the Jewish people, and visited Bible sites! 

My most treasured memories are the ones brought to life by the onsite Bible teachings.  It was beyond comprehension to travel the path of Peter from Joppa to Caesarea. Walking through the Valley of Elah and remembering the faith of young David facing a giant was faith building.

Praying in Gethsemane and remembering the example of Jesus suffering for me was deeply stirring. 

The Holy Spirit imprinted these scriptural truths and the Israel insights on my heart giving me a new perspective when I read the Bible. 

The biblical lessons right where they happened are the heart of the journey!”  Julee Meiners

To be able to sing praises to my Lord on the spots where He walked was unforgettable.” Jerri Hargis

“At first, I did not know if it (the tour) was going to be good or not, but after I went and got baptized in the Jordan River, I’d like to go there at least once a year for the rest of my life.”   Aris DeLaGarza (age 7)

“It was an absolutely wonderful experience to actually walk where Jesus walked.  Karen and Carole were so well informed, gracious and warm.”   Kerissa Webb

“A well-chosen itinerary, a first-rate guide, and Biblical teaching that captured our imagination and hearts, a life-changing experience.”  Barbara & Dan Chrouser

“The trip will change your life and bring the Bible ALIVE in a very special way.”
Mary & Jerry Atkinson

“The trip is more than a sightseeing tour!  Seeing and experiencing where our Savior Jesus lived and taught has touched me personally and spiritually.”   Kim Southard

“I will never read my Bible the same again!”  Jan Roush

“Not only do I now read my Bible in color, it has helped me in my teaching of Sunday School.”   Ginger Bell

“To be able to visualize the actual area Jesus would have walked, taught, healed and lived His life is a priceless gift; opening every page of the New Testament will never be the same.”  Jenna Allen

“A dream come true!”   Toots & Charlie Griess

Just go, you’ll never be sorry!  Touring Israel opened a whole new dimension to my Bible reading;  it was always a living book, but it is truly ALIVE now.”   Lola Wagner

 “It was an awesome experience that is still in my thoughts everyday and has been an amazing gift to my Bible study.”    Laura Buck

“It was a great joy to pray in the places where Christ walked and especially meaningful for us to share the wonderful experience together.” - Autumn and Andy Pawlish

“Sell everything you have and go, that’s exactly how I feel.” - Dee Feldman

“Israel was the experience of a lifetime, it puts God’s words into the most beautiful picture which is a forever keepsake of my heart.”

- Cayenne Kerbs

“My feet remember every step on the Land of Israel and some day Jesus will walk there again.” - Toshiko Matsushita

“It was such an incredible experience to sit at the Sea of Galilee at dawn and imagine how many times the Creator of it and EVERYTHING in this world gazed at the same view and KNEW that I would be here one day!”  - Christine Prince

“The Hearts for Israel Tour had a tremendous impact in my walk with the Lord.  From the beauty of the land to the wonderful teachings.  I now read my Bible knowing the significance of my Jewish roots and God’s special grace covering His people.” -Ramona Wilson

“On this tour we visited over 40 significant Holy sites.  To call it spiritually uplifting is accurate, be understated! If you ever have a chance to take this trip I highly recommend it” - David Carson

“It was such a special experience to stand and walk in the same three-dimensional space as Jesus did and to gain a greater understanding of the Scriptures. “ - Sandy Carson

“Reading God’s Word will never be the same again now that I have seen these places with my very own eyes”! - Suzy Cramer

“I went to Israel hoping to meet God, and I did in a very real and personal way.  I loved the country, but even more, the teaching of the Bible came alive for me.  I wouldn’t do it any other way.”  - M Sanders


“Had I known this journey to Israel---the sites---the teachings---would open such understanding that deepens my love for Him, I would have gone long ago.” - Jo Robinson

“The land is alive with spirit, and just like Jesus, it moves your heart, takes up residence and changes you from the inside out.”

- Gwenn Correll-LeVally


WOW!!!!!!  Don't cheat your life of the most awesome experience of your life!!!” -- Jan Sing

“Every Christian believer should spend some time in this holy and ancient land, and experience this spiritually enriching journey that will lead to deeper faith and understanding of God's purposes as they are fulfilled in the life of our Lord Jesus.” -- Judy Atkinson

"Being in the land of the Bible, and walking in the places where Jesus must have walked, gave me an enriched perspective of Our Most High God and his people, that I would never have gained had I not traveled to Israel myself." -- Marcy Byrne

"I felt like I was at home in Israel!" -- Megan Macbeth, age 16

"I discovered my spiritual roots in Judaism while in Israel and learned to love the Jewish people." -- Mary B. Macbeth

”My Israel trip of 2003 brought new life and understanding into my daily Bible study; a must see - for any Bible student.”

-- Alan Swanson

"The trip brought the Bible into 3D for me as I read and recognize where events took place."  -- Sandee Strobel

"I felt like God knocked on my heart and personally invited me to visit Israel "The Land of Promise" to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. The trip was life changing for me, so if God is calling you to Israel don't pass up the opportunity it may not come again."

-Becky Joyce

“The Hearts for Israel Tour was a wonderful blend of actually seeing where Jesus and Bible heroes lived while learning about Biblical history, Israeli history and Jewish customs. It was a real learning experience for me!” -- Tom Dragano

“Having been to Israel, I now see geographical locations as I read scripture.”  -- Vicki Bien

“Thanks for sacred memories of walking where Jesus walked. From lush green valleys to the barren Judean desert - from walking the streets of Capernaum to floating on the Dead Sea, everything was a highlight as we experienced it!” -- Julie Galley

"The tour has enriched my foundations of faith and created a passion in me for Israel and its people." -- Timothy Shafer

“I found my spiritual roots in Israel. Now I know what it means to be grafted in!” (Romans 11:17) --  Karen Dragano

“The trip has transformed my spiritual eyes in the way I study scripture.”   -- Betty Christensen


“Something of spiritual significance happened every day.”  -- Suzanne Johnson

Tour Admin. Desiree


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