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Meet our Israel tour guide Shlomo Eyal!



Shlomo is an outstanding guide who is in very high demand. Shlomo Eyal (Shlomo is Hebrew for Solomon) guides for David Jeremiah, Chuck Swindoll, and John Hagee to name a few. He is fabulous in his knowledge of the Land, the Bible and lots of fun. When he guides our groups, you are his main concern. We love him and
so will you!


He is knowledgeable, professional, kind, and FUN!  His efficiency enables us to visit sites off the beaten path.  You will enjoy his wit, charm, love for the land and guiding tourists.  We highly recommend Shlomo to you.
Date of Birth:  February 3, 1955
Personal Status:  Married with 3 grown children and one granddaughter
Languages spoken:  Hebrew, Arabic, English, German
1969-1973 – Boyyer High school for gifted children in Jerusalem.
1980-1981 - Tour Guide School of Israel Ministry of Tourism
1981-1982 – School of Israel Dance – Instructor
1983 - Certified Travel Agent and Tour expert licensed by Ministry of Tourism. He is an organizer of vacations for government office workers in Jerusalem including such destinations as Europe, the Far East, U.S.A. and others.
Army Service:
1973-1977- Compulsory army service.  Officer in the Paratroop Brigade, Graduated from Military Medical School as a Paramedic.
1982 – Participated in Lebanon War with Paratroopers Brigade.
1977-Present – Army reservist—at present serving as a Deputy Commander of a field hospital.
Work Experience:
1977-1980 Tour Guide with desert tours in Sinai.
1977-Present – Tour guide within Israel and abroad, working with youth groups, Bar-Mitzvah groups, Jewish communities, churches, Catholic and Protestant groups, and private families and business people with limousine.  Chief guide through I.G.T and MOSAIC travel agencies with conventions of Jewish Organizations such as HADASSAH and ISRAEL BONDS.
1982-1988- Taught Israeli folk dancing at Te-Or Cultural Center in Jerusalem.


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